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What to see

Ravenscar House Museum is home to artworks by some of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most beloved artists. Here are a few highlights from the collection

RTC0018 J Drawbridge Interior with Matisse 02

Interior with Matisse, 1985

John Drawbridge (1930–2005)
Oil on Canvas

This painting was one of a series by John Drawbridge in which he paid tribute to the works of earlier, famous artists. In it, he recreates a piece from French modernist Henri Matisse's 1952 series Blue Nudes as though it were displayed in a domestic setting, with a bottle and glass on a table in the foreground. This is one of three works by Drawbridge in Jim and Susan’s collection.

Courtesy of the John Drawbridge Estate. All Rights Reserved

R3 D 210624 311

Untitled (Blue ovoid vase), 2004

Garry Nash (1955–)

Susan's interest in glass was first sparked when her daughter Frances gave her a piece by Auckland artist Garry Nash. Nash was a pioneer of New Zealand studio glass, beginning his explorations in the medium in 1978 and taking over Sunbeam Glass in Auckland 10 years later. His works can be found in many public and private collections.

All Rights Reserved

RTC0061 C Mc Cahon Taylors Mistake 02

Taylor’s Mistake, 1948

Colin McCahon (1919–1987)
Oil on canvas

This work by one of New Zealand's most famous artists was one of Jim's favourites. Jim and Susan designed their bedroom at Scarborough so they would have this exact view from their window. The painting hung on Jim's side of the bed so he could see the view and McCahon's impression of it.

Courtesy of the Colin McCahon Research and Publication Trust. All Rights Reserved

RTC0029 C Goldie Ena Te Papatahi 02

Ina Te Papatahi, 1902

Charles Goldie (1870–1947)
Oil on Canvas

Ina Te Papatahi (Te Ngahengahe, Ngāpuhi) was a niece of the prominent Ngāpuhi chiefs Eruera Maihi Patuone and Tāmati Waka Nene, both early signatories of Te Tiriti o Waitangi (Treaty of Waitangi) in 1840.

Ina lived near artist Charles Goldie’s studio and was one of his favourite subjects. He painted at least seven portraits of her, with this being one of the earliest. It hung by the fireplace in the library of the original Ravenscar House.

All Rights Reserved

R3 D 210624 165

Wine strainer, 1st century AD

Roman, Italy

Antiquities were one of Susan’s passions. Her interest in Classics stemmed from a childhood fascination with Homer, the Ancient Greek poet. Susan later pursued this interest by studying Latin at the University of Auckland. In amassing her own collection, Susan focused on Roman artefacts, especially everyday household items like this bronze wine strainer.

No Known Copyright

Rv 211001 078

The Long Horizon, 1999

Paul Dibble (1943–)
Cast Bronze

The Ravenscar Trust Collection includes several works by acclaimed New Zealand sculptor Paul Dibble. The Long Horizon, an early but typical example of Dibble's geometric figure sculptures, sits at the front of Ravenscar House. The sculpture occupied a similar position outside the entrance to the original Ravenscar House at Scarborough. It was, and is again, a statement piece that gives visitors an enticing glimpse of the treasures inside.

Courtesy of Paul Dibble, All Rights Reserved